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Amazing topic (and must listen for introverts)

Goodwin does a fantastic job of teasing out brilliant answers, and helping other introverts like me see where life can lead them. Great work!

Great show

Love how each guest brings their own unique topic to the table. Godwin is a great host and brings out the best in each of them - feels like a truly candid conversation and love learning something new every episode :)

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

An essential add to podcast collections of introverts and extroverts alike. Godwin brings to light the nature of introversion in a truly concrete way!

I am an introvert and love this podcast

I am an introvert and I love the angel of this podcast. I think nobody speaks about this subjects. Keep doing the great job.

Fantastic show

Great place to connect

So good!

Excellent work on the show. Keep it up! 🔥🔥🔥

Unique & Actionable

Godwin hosts such a unique podcast that really speaks to the introvert in me! As it’s sometimes difficult to navigate certain situations, Godwin & guests share actionable takeaways to use in my journey!

Must Listen for Anyone!

I love this podcast! As an introvert trying to learn more about personal branding and social media, this podcast has some unique and actionable insights that I’ve started applying to my own life.


As a relatively closeted introvert, I'm delighted to find a podcast where the upsides of inroversion are explored. Godwin Chan is a fabulous conversationalist and interviewer, and definitely draws out fascinating, useful information from every guest. This podcast has been a wonderful find!

What a great show!

Being a fellow introvert, I can definitely appreciate the subject matter. But I love the way Godwin gets his guests to talk. The conversations are fun and candid and I end up learning a lot in the process. I highly recommend you take a listen! You never know what new knowledge you’ll come away with!

Words of Wisdom from Ep 16

Enjoyed the dialogue with Dr. Hardy. Both Dr. Hardy and Godwin offered thoughts for further consideration and pondering. They did an excellent job describing the continuum of personal growth.

The Real Deal

Being both a guest and listener of Godwin’s podcast, he has a clear direction of how he wants his episodes to flow which provides great value for everyone involved!

Bringing light to the introverted

Content is king -- so they say -- and I agree, when it's this type of content it certainly is! I'm loving both the show themes and Godwin's conversationalist interviews. Feels like I'm in the room and eavesdropping in on a dialogue between a couple of friends... wisdom bombs abounding! Definitely worth the listen...

No one is talking about this - but they should be

“Digital introverts” are a new phenomenon. This new word, and all the issues and surrounding it are discussed at length during this amazing podcast. The host, Godwin, does a great job of inviting guests that provide unique perspectives.


Love these episodes and all the different guest that are on the show! Highly recommend listening to it.

Loved the podcast!

Godwin is honestly an incredible host. The depth that he goes into with every question with the people he interviews is incredible. I definitely am able to learn more about the importance of introverts in a digital world!

Great Show

Gret podcast, awesome host, give it a listen

Amazing podcast!

The host is so amazing and the podcast is beautiful! Highly recommend this for anybody looking for a new podcast!


Host is engaging and entertaining! Motivating and provides great advise on how to become successful and avoid being stagnant! Whether you are trying to advance in your career, an entrepreneur or just working on overcoming life’s struggles it is a must add!